About Us: Clinic Overview & FAQ

Finally, an affordable and accessible alternative

47 million Americans are without insurance, and several millions more are underinsured. Many of those who are insured face large deductibles and increasing co-payment costs. Others are ineligible for county, state, or federal welfare programs. Our goal is to provide quality medical care at a reduced rate in an effort to meet a growing need. Eliminating the administrative expenses associated with a visit to the doctor will allow us to pass along significant savings to you.

About Our Staff

We have a wide variety of experienced and caring medical staff, ready to serve you, including Doctors, Physicians Assistants, Family Nurse Practitioners and more.  See our Staff Page to view a listing of our staff, including photos, credentials, specialties and more.

About Payments and Insurance

Patients are responsible for payment at the time of services. Receipt of paid billing will be given out at the time of visit for each encounter. Payments can be made by Cash, Check, Debit Card, Visa or MasterCard. We do not submit insurance claims nor respond to insurance requests.

About Prescriptions

Prescriptions can be faxed, written or called in.

About Treatment Limitations and Laboratory Testing

We will strive to limit any additional cost but not at the expense of appropriate medical care. Not all conditions can be completely managed or diagnosed by a primary care physician. Referral to a physician specialist will be made when clinically indicated.

Specialized laboratory testing or pathology services may be clinically appropriate. This testing will be ordered through an outside facility and the cost will be the responsibility of the patient.